I am thankful for…

...our current circumstances. Rather than ignore the current economic problems, I choose to acknowledge this elephant in the living room during our Thanksgiving holiday. We are bombarded with headlines like "What will fix our economic problems?" It is absolutely silly. The recession is the solution … [Read more...] about I am thankful for…

How the little guy can profit from $4 gas

It's everywhere: GAS PRICES! ENERGY CRISIS! However, this blog post is different. Turn on the tube to CNN and hear about how "We're trying very hard to find a viable source of alternative energy to reduce our dependency on oil." Personally, you can simply buy an electric car (right now). Those … [Read more...] about How the little guy can profit from $4 gas

Green from Green

In case you haven't heard about the latest buzzword, it's "green". Green living, green cars, green houses, green lifestyle, and now - green investing. The mutual fund market has been quick to provide a push button conscience cleaner - SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) index funds. Let's take a … [Read more...] about Green from Green