Hyperinflation Making Preserving Wealth Uphill Battle

2009 is marked as the year hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars bailed out poor Wall Street’s big banks, only to see those same banks hit record profits by the end of the year, and much of the bailout money completely lost—never to be repaid, according to a recent report by the TARP … [Read more...] about Hyperinflation Making Preserving Wealth Uphill Battle

Why Does Government Fail?

While everyone argues about what the government should be doing, 2 very fundamental factors are ignored. In this video I discuss those factors. One thing I didn't include … [Read more...] about Why Does Government Fail?

I am thankful for…

...our current circumstances. Rather than ignore the current economic problems, I choose to acknowledge this elephant in the living room during our Thanksgiving holiday. We are bombarded with headlines like "What will fix our economic problems?" It is absolutely silly. The recession is the solution … [Read more...] about I am thankful for…