Jeff’s Story

After gaining experience working at a mortgage bank, Jeff started his own mortgage brokerage in 2003. He catered to real estate investors and invested his own business profits into real estate. After building up a portfolio in Myrtle Beach, SC and Atlanta, GA, Jeff’s research uncovered a pricing bubble in real estate. He sold his entire investment property portfolio, sold his mortgage company, and warned others of the impending crash over a year before it happened.

As the macro-economic forces continued to weaken the long term outlook for retail investments, Jeff created as a resource to help individuals take control of their own investments and seek alternatives to Wall Street. His work pioneered the decentralization of alternative asset custody for retirement plans.

Jeff’s research further concerned him of the threat of a currency crisis in the dollar that could affect all fiat currencies globally. He began buying gold at $700 per ounce and rebuilding his real estate portfolio. His next move established an international precious metals brokerage firm providing secure physical storage in Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

When the price of gold began to decline during a period that investment in gold was rising, Jeff grew suspicious of questionable practices in gold supply accounting methods. This led to Jeff’s investment in Bitcoin in April of 2013, due to its concept of an immutable public ledger and decentralized consensus mechanism.

A fascination with cryptocurrencies, decentralization, and blockchain technologies led to the formation of crypto-asset fund Coin Capital. Jeff leverages his resources, deal access, and unique perspective of economics and human behavior in managing the Coin Capital portfolio.

Jeff and his wife regularly travel around the world, enjoy the outdoors, and write and record music in their studio.