This stock market collapse started in 1999

The following charts should look familiar to you:

These charts (above) show you the historical account of pricing for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard & Poor 500 stock indexes. The following chart (below) is also a historical account of pricing for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It, on the other hand, shows an entirely different story…

The difference between the two DJIA charts? The latter is priced in gold grams rather than U.S. dollars. Gold has been used by humans as money since the beginning of time, wheras dollars are just worthless pieces of paper. As priced in gold, oil prices, median home prices, and just about every other major asset follows an understandable logic. This is because no matter how many times our population deviates from reality, it is always forced to come back to it. The position of that reality is seen in charts published by

If you previously weren’t keen to this basic economic understanding, it changes everything.

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