Think you’re too old to get in on alternative investments? Think again


Mature investors close to retirement age are likely kicking themselves wishing they had pulled their money out of the market while they had the chance.

But too often these investors were told to “stay the course” and that “the market will come back.”  Truth be told, no one knows for sure what the market will do.

But we do know is that you still have time to recover your losses – as long as you don’t just sit back and “hope” the stock market will recover.  You have to do something about it.

Real estate can be a wonderful option for someone nearing retirement. With depressed housing prices, you may be able to find a home that offers positive cash-flow so that it provides a healthy monthly income.  When the market recovers, you can consider selling the property only if the numbers add up and you will benefit from appreciation.  If not, you can continue to cash-flow the property and create income for yourself for a long time.

So the point is that you’re never too old to consider alternative investments. A diversified investor is a smart investor at any age.

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