The Hidden Meaning Behind the State of the Union Address

I just started watching the State of the Union address on Youtube and was immediately sickened.

I guess I should tell you that I’ve been physically ill since last weekend, but Obama’s speech isn’t helping. It was way too reminiscent of the scenes in the book (or movie) 1984 where the public is forced to participate in mass hate and love demonstrations for their enemies and leaders.

The Painter Announces He Will Install the Plumbing

The first thing that blows my mind about what was spoken on the topic of economics is the absolute retardation of reason. Nobody in the government knows anything about economics. Time and time again, they make predictions and statements that turn out to be completely wrong. These people (Congress, the President, and other bureaucrats) are not economists (and they only acknowledge the economists who support the philosophy of never-ending increases in government spending and power).

They are not the bringers of solutions. If our problems went away, then they’d lose their jobs because we’d have no need for them. They are problem-creators. They are hired to fail.

We are expected to celebrate an announcement that the stimulus worked? Hey didn’t the last President announce our swift victory in Iraq? Why do we forget so easily that talk is cheap no matter how smooth it sounds?

Rally Against The Enemy!

The next elephant in the room is the government’s dedication to deal with “Wall Street.” What a farce. The government created Wall Street. How else do you think something so unnatural, hated, and powerful could come into being in a so-called free market?

Wall Street is created by government regulation. The stock market crashed in 1929. Then the government created the Securities Act. The Securities Act regulates investment. Regulation creates a cost to doing business. Cost means big, well funded ventures can deal with the regulation while small businesses (the engine of our economy according to Obama) cannot. Ultimately, investment into small businesses is nearly illegalized while regulation steers virtually all the investment capital into the hands of… well, the regulators’ friends.

So let’s put this story together. The government created Wall Street. In fact, Wall Street and the government are really the same organization. Those in charge simply swap titles from one year to the next as they go back and forth between being an executive and a government official. But the titles are just semantics. It’s all one big organization.

So the big organization sucking up power, authority, and resources, and destroying prosperity says it will start to get the enemy (itself) under control. Well, golly, everyone on the TV screen is standing up and applauding so this must be it. Finally! Somebody said they would fix our problems!

I hate to spoil the fun, but there is a long history of government saying it will fix the problems of society, and the history of them actually doing it just doesn’t exist.

America is the story of the most enormous and rapidly-built prosperity in the history of humankind. And it wasn’t the government that made it happen. It was the lack of government. We did a little experiment in freedom and spent so much time celebrating the outstanding results that we lost our freedom when we weren’t looking.

The Hidden Meaning

So if your job has been destroyed in the process of creating half of one phony stimulus job, you were just in the wrong industry. You should have paid attention to the phony demand the government would create with its spending of the new money it just printed up in its basement.

If your business has been destroyed in the process of “stimulating” Obama’s friend’s business, you made the wrong friends.

The hidden meaning behind Obama’s recent telepromtedly-smooth speech is that the government is out of its mind and nobody is stopping it. Don’t think they are so moral that they won’t inflate you into poverty and steal your retirement fund from the bankers who you are letting possess it.

Think for yourself. Question authority.

What now? Well, don’t fret. Just quit leaving your savings and retirement funds in the hands of government-regulated oligopolies. Take control. Put your wealth back into your own hands, literally. Avoid dollar-based assets like the plague, and you won’t get sick.

I’m going to go throw up now, and I’m not sure if it’s from my cold or the State of the Union address. But no matter how sickening viruses and bureaucrats can be, I feel at ease for knowing my hard-earned wealth is safe and protected.

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