The #1 Problem With Baby Boomers’ Retirement (And How To Solve It)


The facts are devastating… most Baby Boomers are going to work the rest of their lives simply because they are forced to.

What happened? Are they stupid? Lazy?

Not at all! I’ve gotten to know Baby Boomers so well I feel like I’m a Baby Boomer trapped in a 34 year old man’s body!

(That’s the side effect of my lucking upon a pile of cash in my 20s and having a shot at turning it into a lasting retirement. More on that later…)

Most Baby Boomers entered the work force with a promising path to freedom. So what happened?


The game has changed

If you think back to when you started working, all you had to do was save money. Just don’t blow it all on too lavish a lifestyle, save for the future, and you’ll get your freedom.

…Then the game changed.

Before all you had to do was be a SAVER and you’d get rewarded.

Once we came off the gold standard in 1971, our financial system has been on a shaky foundation and the “no risk” saver mentality has been destroying your chances for freedom ever since.

Now you must be an INVESTOR.

You have to take risks. There’s no “no risk” way out to get your freedom. Sad, but true.

This is a real problem for Baby Boomers.

To make this crystal clear, take my wife Rachel for example.

This weekend she’s taking a basic course on how to ride a motorcycle. It’s a different game and she has to learn new skills to stay safe.

In a car, if she gets into a tricky situation she can just hit the brakes to lessen the impact and depend on the airbags to protect her.

…That won’t work on a motorcycle.

Probably the most valuable lesson she’s going to learn this weekend is tricky situations need to be handled differently on a motorcycle.

Just hitting the brakes, as her only response option, could cost her dearly.

She’s going to learn to use the THROTTLE to get out of tricky situations.

Instead of freezing up, she’ll learn how to GO FOR IT to get to safety.

This is the exact skill most Baby Boomers lack.

It’s not your fault, you were raised to be a saver and hit the brakes when it counts.

But now the game has changed, savers go broke to low interest rates, and you have to take risks.

At the right time, your opportunity to escape the rat race is going to come, and if you hit the brakes you’ll ruin it.

You’re going to have to use the THROTTLE and GO FOR IT.

It will go against every “no risk” tendency that was trained into you at an early age.

It will be hard.
It will feel strange.

But you have to do it to escape disaster.

If you know this, then the decision to hit the “easy button” to retiring to freedom will be… well, easy.

That’s what I offer, but you have to understand hitting the brakes at that defining moment can spell your death.

…At least the death of any real shot at true freedom you have. That’s probably worse than death.

You can laugh it off and keep on spending time waiting for a “guaranteed to win” investment system, while sitting in a “guaranteed to lose” investment system. Time is not on your side there.

Or you can accept the risks involved in getting your own freedom and go for it anyway.

My advice? Go for it, and never give up. Learn from your mistakes and keep on going.

If that’s what you want to do, I think you’ll love my Crashproof Retirement Income™ system.

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Jeff Nabers
CEO, Nabers Financial


P.S. If you’ve ever lost money on an investment, did you respond by hitting the brakes? Taking less risks? That can send you in a downward spiral where you’re guaranteed to lose. Inflation will eat you up and spit you out. Sure, we can manage and minimize risks… But please (I’m begging you) do not look for a zero risk solution. It’s crazy. The politicians, bankers, and their Wall Street friends are licking their chops at your money because they know you’re frozen in fear, too chicken to take risks in a new direction.

On the other side of you, scammy investment salesmen are licking their chops at your money too. We all end up here (at least those of us who have saved money). I’ve figured out a way out and you need to see it believe it. It’s free to come have a look for yourself. If you value your time, I hope you can appreciate that over 10,000 hours of my time has been spent creating this and getting it to work consistently. If you can’t clear an hour of your time for that, I can’t help you.

But clear an hour of your time for this, and I promise you’ll be glad you did.