Solo 401(k) vs. Self-Directed IRA… How is it better or different?

I was just making a “get to the point” chart showing how the Solo 401(k) is different than a Self-Directed IRA. Click the chart to view a larger version:

As you can see from the chart above, and as you may know from our free education posts, articles and videos… the Solo 401(k) can be structured to be much more powerful than any IRA.

These extra powers (self-trustee, participant loan, higher tax-deductible contributions, etc) are made possible by careful preparation of the plan documents.

Here’s how a Solo 401(k) is different:

  • Requires document maintenance
  • Doesn’t require custodian

401(k) document maintenance fees are much lower than IRA custodian fees, and to make the 401(k) even more of a no-brainer, it eliminates all unnecessary transactional paperwork and delays  😉

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