Last Minute Book Cover at the 11th Hour

Hey, guys. Thank you all so much for giving feedback about the book title! Your feedback so very helpful.

Let me know if you have any preferences between the following book covers:




Before you give your feedback, pretend like you’ve never met me or come across any of my information. Imagine these books are in a bookstore among tens of thousands of others. Which one would cause you to pick it up and read the back cover and/or browse the contents?

### Update

Larger images: Many of you have requested larger images. I don’t have them yet. Also, for the first couple of months this will be selling primarily on Amazon so people will initially see the thumbnail. Once it’s in a bookstore, it’s still that first fraction of a second that may even be at a distance that makes the difference. Please give whatever feedback you can about that initial glance of these smaller images even if you can’t read every little word.

### Update about [financial] FREEDOM

In the comments on this post and the last one about the title, many of you have mentioned labeling the book about “financial” freedom and that the green book is better for “financial” freedom.

I had posted a preview chapter a month or two ago online, and since then the book has been drastically rewritten. The way this book is rewritten, it’s not necessary about getting rich. The 5 steps prescribe a mandatory move out of the stock market and out of the dollar. They go on to prescribe real savings with little effort. Then they offer methods of wealth BUILDING, although they are optional. Believe it or not (unlike most of you and I) LOTS of people have things they’d rather do than multiply their money. So I leave the multiplication and how much up to the reader, while I give a call to action to absolutely get out of the stock market and into simple inflation shelters.

Another item is that this is about the bigger freedom too. Congressmen vote on bills that they haven’t read. The government is taking over industries, forcing bailouts. We are accelerrating towards socialism and fascism. Every day that each one of us leaves our money in the hands of huge financial institutions we are contributing to the government/wall-street/big-corporation/lobbyist/special-interests/Fed partnership. There is a LOT of crazy stuff going on that will undoubtedly collapse our country if we don’t take all the leaches and manipulators off of our once-free market. Most people who want to do anything about our country being hijacked and our Constitution being shredded usually pursue political activism. Following the 5 steps to freedom will have a direct impact on taking the power back to the individual without having to follow political rules and jump through hoops.

So following the 5 steps to freedom is really about freedom. THE freedom. Which inevitably involves finances. But this book isn’t about getting rich. It’s about revealing the hidden systemic losses built into the average persons savings and investments, fixing those problems, and then showing the optional path to wealth building.

Please take this explanation into consideration when viewing the book. Many of you think you know what’s inside the cover and now you know it is much different than the original manuscript. Also, pretend you know nothing about what’s inside the cover as you give feedback about first impressions.  Thanks a bunch everyone!   🙂

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