Kicking off an Investor Community for Self-Directed IRA & 401k Investors

A few years ago I tried something taboo in the world of Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401k companies…

I started publishing rich information on this blog.

At that time part of me was saying, “Don’t give away all your hard earned knowledge for free!” I couldn’t hear what the other part of me was saying because that paranoid part was yelling loudly.

And to my horrific amazement [gasp]… well, actually, my business didn’t implode. In fact, our new customers were always thanking us for putting REAL information on this here blog because it made it easier for them to see we were the real deal before they bought our products.

My next step in harebrained experiments is opening up our investor community.

I figure that the more that people can connect with others around the topic of Self-Directed IRA & Solo 401(k) investing… the better.

Some other companies and promoters don’t want their customers talking to each other (and for good reasons that we won’t talk about). They also don’t want prospects talking with their customers and vice versa.

Of course being the kind of reckless, feckless entrepreneur who would give away even more free information and resources… I don’t mind if you jump into my newly widely opened community over at All that I ask is that you be nice and honest while you’re in there.

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