How to Get My Help

Cliff notes version:

  • I will be offering free one-on-one phone consulting to qualified people
  • In order to make room for that, I will no longer be offering free consulting in the form of blog comment responses

I’m making some changes to how I focus my energy and how I am able to help you with your wealth preservation and wealth building, both inside a Self-Directed IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) and outside of retirement funds.

Here’s what these changes will do for you:

  • If you are aimed down a path that is likely to succeed, we may get a chance to work together more intimately
  • If you are aimed down a path that is likely to destroy your wealth and frustrate you, you won’t get my help

Let me explain…

The #1 biggest factor making an impact your wealth right now is inflation.

Some people are trying to “beat” inflation by taking bigger risks to hopefully get bigger returns that will be bigger than inflation.

For 95% of my readers, that won’t work. It won’t work because bigger risks increase the gains and the losses, and over the long term most people will have worse performance as a result of taking bigger risks.

Around 5% of my readers have maybe figured out how to get bigger returns by spending more energy on some sort of system or process that yields larger returns. Moving forward, I don’t think that will continue working either.

Why won’t aggressive investment strategies work in the future?

Well… they will work and they won’t work. They will work in terms of turning your dollars into more dollars. They won’t work in terms or actual value adjusted for inflation.

This is because there is no limit to the amount of money the Federal Reserve has, can, and will print.

You can go after a 15% return.

The Fed can create 50% inflation.

You can go after a 50% return.

The Fed can create 500% inflation.

The Fed can create 5000000000000000000000% inflation.

There’s no limit. And they have to print lots of money because it’s the only way the government can keep spending more money than it has. The government will keep spending until it collapses. And the Fed will keep printing money for the government until that happens.

This means that each month, more and more money will be stolen from you through inflation. Whatever savings and income you have, it will buy less and less.

That’s not stores and merchants screwing you over by ripping you off. It’s the monetary system ripping you off because you remain vulnerable and exposed.

My New Service

If you are interested in how you can become fully protected from dollar inflation, hyperinflation, or even currency collapse… I’m offering a free strategy session for a limited time.

This is really my dream come true to be able to get back to working with my clients one-on-one and helping them on a very personal, attentive basis.

So, it’s my opinion that the only way you could be headed for success is if you recognize inflation as the most powerful wealth factor impacting you, and if you know you must fix this before taking on any other wealth building objectives.

If you’re on the path to success, you can request a free strategy session.

The Path To Failure (& new blog comment policy)

I believe that right now, the surest path to failure is to focus attention and energy on anything other than inflation protection. So I won’t help you do that.

Effective immediately, I will stop offering free consulting in the form of blog comment responses. This means that if you are looking for help with…

  • Structuring complex (potentially prohibited) transactions
  • Trying to figure out UBIT implications
  • Trying to structure a real estate deal

…then I won’t be able to help you because I will be spending all of my attention and energy on helping people with the more important objective of inflation protection.

You could structure the most clever real estate deal in an IRA LLC and then lose all of your wealth in our continued (possibly accelerating) economic and currency collapse.

I won’t help you do that.

Or you could become fully protected from inflation and be in position to survive and thrive in any economic circumstances.

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