Hiring new liberty-oriented PR specialist immediately!


Our publicist has done a great job getting the word out about Self-Directed IRAs, and my various writings and products related to independence, economics, investing, and freedom.

But, alas, the time has come to replace our publicist. So here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Very freedom/liberty-oriented and passionate
  • A basic understanding of Austrian economics and the free market
  • An unlimited mindset—one that fully accepts that anything is possible and our results are up to us… only we can decide what we CAN and CAN’T accomplish together
  • A realistic understanding of our world today and the terrible direction our country and our society is heading in—politically, financially, emotionally, etc. We have to be able to acknowledge and observe the problems in order to be a part of providing solutions.
  • Results-oriented. We aren’t just trying to get the word out to see what happens. We are getting the word out! We set goals and then achieve them   😀
  • Experience preferred, but not required. If you have experience in public relations, awareness campaigns, or dealing with the media, that is great and will be helpful. Buuuuuut, the above requirements are much more important. The actual procedure of how to promote and make contacts and pitch ideas can be learned. Being a freedom-loving, free-market-loving, truth-knowing, positive-thinking passionate person ready to change the world cannot be learned—it’s just who you are. So that is most important, and for that reason, experience isn’t required, but it is preferred.
  • Start immediately!
  • Monthly salary. This doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but we will pay a substantial salary.

Be a part of a team that’s changing the world! We’ll be working to promote my book (5 Steps To Freedom) as well as my companies (Nabers Group and IRA Association). Some past exposure and events have included:

  • Speaking at FreedomFest
  • Writing for Forbes.com
  • Contributing to articles for mint.com, realtytimes.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, LA Times, and Chicago Tribune
  • Featured in trade journals
  • Appearing on TV shows such as Good Morning Arizona and The Pat McMahon show

..these are just a start as we’ll be working together to continue to expose people to self-empowerment, liberty, financial freedom, Austrian economics, and similar ideas.

LIVING IN DENVER IS NOT NECESSARY. We are open to remote working arrangements. If you think you might know somebody who would be great for this position, please share this opportunity, especially on Twitter and Facebook:

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Applicants, please send resume to [email protected] and include a cover letter summarizing why you think this would be a great fit. I look forward to connecting with our new PR specialist!

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