Help me Rename My Book!

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Hey guys, I’m asking for some some expert marketing input and non-expert opinions  🙂

Here’s the deal… We are entering into the final stages of preparing my book for print. It was called UNLIMITED INVESTING: Break Free From Wall Street To Buil Real Wealth With Alternative Assets. Then as we were wrapping it up I realized something:

  1. Much of the book’s message is about first protecting/securing your wealth or nest egg, regardless of whether or not you grow or multiply it.
  2. For each person to understand the harm that will come to them if they stay in the two most currently popular investments (securities and cash) is very very very important.
  3. Many people aren’t interested in investing or multiplying their wealth. For them, I aim to alarm them to their need to protect themselves against inflation and the actions of the Fed, banks, huge corporations, government, and Wall Street. Maybe in the process, they’ll change their minds and decide to become interested in investing, but that isn’t entirely necessary.
  4. So I don’t want to scare people off by labeling the book “an investment book”. It does tell the story of investing, but it also tells a more universally applicable story of understanding money, inflation, the Fed, banks, the government, Wall Street and how to protect themselves.

So I decided to split the book into two books:

  • BOOK ONE is about the “conventional wisdom” which is doomed. It goes on to also tell all the case studies of many clients and friends who have built massive wealth by thinking outside the box. This is the book I’m naming right now.
  • BOOK TWO is about how to use self-directed IRAs & Solo 401(k) plans to follow in the footsteps of the success stories contained in BOOK ONE. This one will likely be titled “UNLIMITED INVESTING: The Complete Self-Directed IRA & Solo 401(k) Handbook.

This first book is powerful. It could help a LOT of people. I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into the book, and now I want it to reach the most people. No matter what’s inside, I need the outside (the title) to do the best job of getting as many people as possible to read the inside.

So we’ve got the title for the first book narrowed down to the following:

  • 5 STEPS TO FREEDOM: What you’re not supposed to know about escaping financial slavery; and
  • FOOL ME THRICE: Why a rising stock market steals from the middle class & your 5 steps to freedom

So far, we’ve used on online advertising to test which one people clicked on more. 5 STEPS TO FREEDOM gets more clicks. We also tested about 5 other titles that have been discarded. These two were the best performing on the ad test, and FOOL ME THRICE was a close 2nd.

Calling All Expert Marketers

So my question is this: Do you think there is a difference between the quality of traffic the two titles would attract?

I ask this because  “5 STEPS TO FREEDOM” draws slightly more people in. If it drew the exact same type of people as “FOOL ME THRICE” then the decision would be easy… 5 STEPS TO FREEDOM is the best title. Buuuuut, if FOOL ME THRICE somehow brought in a higher quality of traffic (meaning people who buy the book more), then it might make sense.

In other words, imagine that a certain amount of promotions brought in 100 people for FOOL ME THRICE and 125 people for 5 STEPS TO FREEDOM. If the quality of traffic were equal for both titles, then 5 STEPS would sell the most books. But it’s possible FOOL ME THRICE could sell more books if its traffic was more likely to buy the book. What I want is the one that sells the most books. The contents of the book are powerful, and I need the title that is going to sell the book so that the most amount of people can get into the contents, read them, and be empowered by them.

I know, I know… the best thing is to just do my own testing. Unfortunately, I have speaking events lined up and some exhibitor booths reserved at various events… and I’m in a time crunch. I simply don’t have the time to test the conversions for each title, so I’m asking for your expert marketing opinion… based on what you know from your own testing of other things, would you predict a different quality of traffic between the two titles? If so, why?

Calling Everyone Else

Even if you are no marketing expert, I ask:

  1. Which title are you more likely to be interested in? Which one would make you pick the book up and read the table of contents or browse?
  2. Which one are you more likely to buy?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’ve heard so many “thank yous” over the years for putting out information that can’t be found elsewhere and for helping many of you double or triple your wealth in a few short years… now you can to return the favor in just a couple of minutes by sharing your thoughts and opinions   😀

Please comment today!

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