FreedomFest in Las Vegas

I just recently returned from FreedomFest in Las Vegas, a conference attended by proponents of individual freedom, personal responsibility, smaller government, and sound money. I was part of a discussion panel called “Alternatives to Wall Street” and keynote speakers included Ron Paul, Steve Forbes, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff and others.

Friday evening, Campaign for Liberty teamed up with FreedomFest and Ron Paul gave a great speech:


Another great (important and amusing all at the same time) speech was given my Tom Woods, author of Meltdown (a must read):


This is the 3rd Campaign For Liberty event I’ve co-sponsored and I happily attended a warm reception before the main talks:


If you haven’t checked out any of the following resources to learn more about the effects of growing government and fiat currency, I STRONGLY urge you to explore the following:

Ludwig von Mises Institute

Campaign for Liberty

Peter Schiff videos on YouTube

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