Could We End The Fed?


The U.S. House is going to debate the “Audit The Fed” bill. I don’t pay close attention to what’s being debated and passed on the floor of the Senate of House of Representatives because what’s usually written up, sponsored, and voted on isn’t even read by our Congressmen.

This Audit the Fed bill is a different story. It’s sponsored by a Congressman who some call the only honest politician left… Ron Paul. He’s often called “Dr. NO” because he is a medical doctor and he regularly votes against any bill for which the U.S. Constitution doesn’t give Congress the power to pass, no matter how seemingly good the benefits are. Suffice it to say that when Ron Paul votes “yes” on anything, it is a rare occasion.

So to see him sponsoring a bill that is getting attention is even rarer. His objective to audit the Fed is a just a stepping stone to ending it. One CNBC commentator agrees that the Fed would be shut down if audited.

In fact, that’s the reasoning behind the opposition to the bill: if we knew what the Fed was actually doing we would have no confidence in it. Wow. That’s not a very good argument to get us to stop wondering what they’re doing over at the Fed.

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